Guiding Principles

Growth MindsetMotor Learning Science


We think that better people play better volleyball. 

Why is that important?


If you haven’t figured it out by now, You are going to be a person, employee, friend, student, learner, etc. a lot longer than you’ll be a volleyball player.

We believe that we COACH people, we just happen to TEACH volleyball. With more than one way to teach this sport, it is important to value not “what” we teach as coaches, but “WHY.”


The time to change the world is HERE, NOW, then gone forever!!!


You might be thinking “Sure, people first, sports second. But that’s just a load of …!”

Let’s check out some other examples of people who believe the same things in real life!

This is an image of a white board from the USA Womens Volleyball National team gym as they prepared for the Rio 2016 olympics. 


“Job one – Growth Mindset”

“The science of Motor Learning”


Not winning gold, not making it to the olympics, none of that. Just tools to become better people!


We LOVE that we can learn and adopt similar principles that our national team also believes in!


Don’t believe me? Check out this article from Train Ugly!